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Last Day At School

Today, we woke up at 5 o’clock. After that, we took a bath and brushed our teeth. Then, we wore clothes. We packed some of our luggages and tidied up the room. We were tired because this day we woke up very early.

After we finished, we got ready to have breakfast. We had breakfast at 6 o’clock. We ate scrambled egg, cereal, noodles, and fruits. After that, we went to the bus and went to Pei Hwa school. When we arrived, we went to the hall. We joined the morning assemble. In morning assemble, we sang song, saw the student leaders’ inaguration, and prayed. We saw the leaders of each class stated their pledge. If their performance are good, they will continue their duty untill the Primary 6. It was quite touching.    


After that, we went back to Hossana room. There, we learned about beats. We played games and drew animals to perform the rhythm. That was a lot of fun in music class. After that, we had recess and ate sandwich. Then, we went back to Hossana room. There, we had to write about our self reflection during the exchange program. Once we finished, we had a lunch. We ate many food and back again to Hossana room. But, the buddies come and surprised us with farewell gifts and words. We were going to miss them. What a remarkable experience to got to know them. We took photos together and said good bye to each other. And also, we hugged each other.  

We went back to our room to had a practice for the farewell performance. After we practiced, we went up to the hall to begin the show time. We were happy but also scared because we were afraid if we were falling down or getting wrong in the performance. But then, we finished nicely. We sat down and enjoyed the performance of Pei Hwa. It was wushu and karate. They were really cool and fascinating!! Down to the first floor, we said good bye and also thanks to Mrs. Foo and all the teachers. By leaps and bounds, we were about leaving Pei Hwa. We had so much experiences and lessons, here. Thanks to the teacher and all of our buddies.

Then, went to the bus to go to Garden By The Bay at 13.45. It was an amazing place where we could saw many plants and flowers. There, we took some photos in the cloud forest. We walked around and saw many plants. After that, we went to the flower dome. The flower dome was an indoor building because the flower had to live in cold temperature. At the flower dome, we took some photos of many beautiful and colourful flowers. Then, we went to the tulipmania and also took many photos.  



We needed to go back to hotel, so we went into our bus. On the way home, we pass the Singapore Stadium. We could not get in because there was a tennis tournament. We were kind of happy because Indonesian Tennis Player who joined this tournament, stayed in the same hotel as we did. We met them onece, and one of them asked us where we were come from. After that we back to hotel to take a shower and took a rest. We had dinner at foodcourt near the hotel at 06.30. We went back to the hotel and packed our things. DONE! And, hoaemmm, we feel so tired, we are about to sleep.  Thanks God for today. See you tomorrow!

Seize the day!

In the morning, we woke up at 5.30 am. Then, we took a bath and had breakfast. We consumed our vitamins so we won’t get sick. At 08.30 am, we arrived at PHPPS. After that, we practiced at hall for farewell tomorrow. 


Then, we went back to hosanna room to study math with Miss Lee. We studied about ratio, Miss Lee gave us activity about pocket money. We had to make a list about our ages, and our pocket money per week, then we had to described it into sentences. Miss Lee said that, the activity was not about looking for who’s the richer or something like that. She wanted us to know that no matter how much was our pocket money, we needed to be thankful for what we had. It was very exciting!!!!!!



At 10 am, we had recess. In recess time, we met our buddies, we’re so happy. After we went back to hosanna room, Mr. Wang came to tell story about the original building of Pei Hwa School and delivered us to walk around the neighbourhood, which were Bukit Timah residence. We saw clinic, mini market, barber shop, library and sports court, so the residents could meet up and did  many things together. We learned that, even we had our own apartmen, we should be a good neighbour, who always did good things to other. Besides, Mr. Wang said that, if something happen to us, the only one who could help us was our neighbour and not people who had been far away from us.


We went back to school and got our lunch. After lunch, we went to Singapore City Gallery.There, we saw many creative arts of Singapore people, example: house miniature, adventure video game ,etc. We witnessed the development of this country through the slide shows and photographs. Yes, Singapore had been hard and disciplined, but here was the prize: Singapore became an independent, progressive, and famous country.


Then, we transfered to Bugis Junction. It was kind of shopping centre and yes, we bought many souvenirs there. There so many people, so we were hard to walk. Then, we had dinner at Bugis Junction. It was very noisy, but the food was very delicious. It was fish and sausage.

Have i told you that tomorrow will be the last day with our PHPPS’s buddies? That would be sad. But, we also had been prepared the farewel performance, so we can’t be bad. We went home earlier today, so we could sleep and well-prepared for tomorrow. We are going to give our best. And just now, about 8 pm, we’re ready to sleep. See ya!

Memorable, outstanding, and exciting day!

In the morning, we woke up early because we already had enough rest. We took a bath and we had breakfast. We ate a lot because it was yummy and delicious. After we had breakfast, we went into the bus and transfered to Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School. Very fastly we arrived at Pei Hwa. We went into the Hossana room. But sadly, we didn’t meet our buddies. Today we studied about science with Miss Teo. And the student from her class wlso accompanied us along the study. We studied about water, and we did KWL strategy. We could say what we Know, what we Wanted know about water, and what we Learned about water. We discussed about it for 15 minutes and Miss Teo called random number to present their discussion. This activity was a lot of fun, and we could learn new things about water. 




After we studied science, we went to study art in the art room. We studied about Element Of Art, and it was about line. The teacher, Miss Wang, helped us to draw the line. We did it with our friends.



 And after that we had recess at 10.00, yayyy!!!  After we had recess, we were sad because we didn’t see our buddy again. But, we were excited too. Because we were going to play table tennis, hooray!!! After we reached the table tennis room, we meet Miss Liu and the coach. We praticed how to play table tennis and we played with our friend. Our bodies were getting sweat, but that was a lot of fun. And there were two little children from Pei Hwa school who played the table tennis really well!


After that, we went to the canteen and we had lunch. We ate a lot because we prepared to go to Universal Studio Singapore, yayyy !!!!!!!. We quickly bought bread for us and went into bus. At bus, my friend were happy because we were going to Universal Studio. After we arrived at Sentosa, we quickly went up and bought ticket.    


Our first rides was Madagascar Land. It was fun and little bit suprising. Then, we went to saw a singing show. The show was really funny. Then, we went into Light,Camera,Action!. It was like, we were in a movie studio, it was suprising too. One of our friend was scared. Then, we went into Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase, it was really funny. And then, we went into theater with the title show “When I Grow Up?”

The show were funny. Then we went to watch “Shrek 4D”. The show were funny and exciting. Then some of us play the “Rapids Adventure” and the other played other game. Then we went to the Water World area to watched the show, the show was really exciting and cool, it was a lot of explosive and fire. Then, we went to the souvenir shop, we bought a lot of stuffs in Universal Studio. After we bought some souvenirs, we went to the Wings of Time, the show were really cool. They used water and animation to perform the show. After that, we were sooo tired, we went back to hotel and had dinner there. And so, in the end of the day, we went into our room, we took a bath then we took a rest. 

That is all for today, we will see you tomorrow. Bye bye !

Wohoo! Keep the spirit up!

In the morning we woke up at 6 o’clock because we did not hear the morning call hahaha XD . Then we had breakfast together,we were full !!! the food were very delicious . Yummy !!. After we had breakfast , we fastly went to Pei Hwa school besause we missed our buddies!! We studied a lot of things at Pei Hwa school , such as Physical Education / PE with Mr . Wong , had school tour with Mr Lim , and English with Madam Jessie . When we studied PE, we played hand ball, it was very fun!!! But Mr Wong told us to help our opponents when they fell down . We learned such a good values today: kindness and caring.


When we studied school tour, we learned about the symbol of Pei Hwa school. This school had a great mission which was to provide the students with an all-rounded, bilingual education that will develop them into responsible and forward-looking individuals who will serve God and the nation. When we learned english , we did the listening together with our buddies from Pei Hwa , and the teacher asked us to concentrate when we did the listening .  

After the lessons were finished ,we had our lunch, it was around 12.30 pm. Then, we moved to the Science Centre. Horayyy!


We saw a lot of things there . It was very very funnnn !!!!! First, we went to the atrium, then we went to human body galleries. We saw a lot of body parts like brain ,heart , etc . We played Out Of Line . We should draw in the yellow line, but when we were not focus we would fail. The game trained our capability of concentration. Then we went to the earth and disasters gallery like earthquake, tsunami and many more. After that, we watched a show in Omni Theatre. It was very funny and exciting ,all the students were laughing !!!!!! After the show ended , we went to the bus . At the bus, some students were tired and they slept. Thw bus drove us to China Town. There, we went around and shopped . There were so many souvenirs and fun places . After we bought some souvenirs, we had dinner together . We had roasted duck and chicken rice for dinner . It was delicious !!Then we went back to the bus and went to the hotel . At the hotel we took a bath and play games, and now we are going to sleep! 





Okay ! That is all about our story today . See you in another story !!!

Meet new buddies!

In the morning, we woke up at 5. Then, we took a bath and prepared for breakfast. We ate fried rice, scrambled eggs, pancakes, and another food for breakfast. The breakfast was delicious. After that, we caught a bus and went to PHPPS. When we arrived, Mrs. Tan and Mdm. Jessie and of course our new buddies welcomed us really well with a very heartwarming song, titled “Welcome to the Family”. We sang it together. 


Right after that, we played a game so we could know each other better. We had a lot of new buddies there, each of us got one or two buddies. After the introduction time, we moved to the 3rd floor class room to studied how to make a Chinese traditional tea. We learned the manner of making Chinese tea and had experienced to serve it to the teachers. We learned good things from this class: respect the elder and be polite in everything we do. 


Then, we had coupons to take our lunch in canteen. After lunch, we studied Math in auditorium. We studied about many kind of triangles. We also being asked to understand how to determine the area of triangle and how to decide the base and the height of triangle. It was very exciting and we were so active to answer the teachers question.


In this school, the teachers were nice and our buddies were really friendly and cool. 

After school, we went to Marina Barrage. We went around Marina Barrage and we saw Marina bridge and Marina gallery. We realized that water is very important for our lives. So, today we knew that Singapore had started to build a great water pump for few purposes. The water pump used to avoid the flood and filter water into new water which we could drink. And then, our buddies suddenly came and suprised us with their gifts which were cute kites. We couldn’t fly it because the weather was bad. It was fine because we ended the meeting with took many pictures together. 


We caught the bus and went to the next destination which was the famous Orchard Road. We bought some souvenirs in Lucky Plaza and had dinner in Takashimaya S.C. The dinner was delicious but our feet were so stiff because we were to much walking. The night had come and we went to hotel at 8 pm. We took a bath and gathered to make today’s report. We so tired and sleepy. Now, we want to sleep and save some energies for tomorrow. GOODNIGHT!!

“Finally! It’s 5th April!!”

In the morning, we arrived at Juanda airport at 7.30. When we arrived, we met our friends and we became very very excited!!!!! We took some photos and said goodbye to our parents, and we prayed. We made a line from group 1 untill group 4, so we did not lose each other, we learned about self discipline. Then, we took a photo with holding a PEP banner and immediately went into the plane. Our flight was at 10.00 and we better be on time. Hurry, hurry!


 Wohoo! we were sooooooo excited when we got into the plane hahaha! XD Anyway, we went to Singapore with Singapore Airlines SQ 931. We sat at our each seat, talked with the person next to us, time flew so fast, and finally we arrived at Singapore at 13.10 (Singapore time). Next, we went to Singapore Flyer to see the beautiful view of Singapore. Unfortunately, our friends, Nicholas and Karen couldn’t join us because they were a little bit sick. We had so much fun at the Singapore Flyer. The view was wonderful and in fact, this flier is the highest flier in the world.


We had lunch at the food court, it was very yummy!!! We were confuse to chose the food at first, but then, few minutes later, the Roasted Duck Rice was ready to eat. After that, we we went to Alive Museum, it was a kind of 3D pictures. We took so many funny photos there hahaha! We also bought some souvenirs too!! 


We didn’t waste many time and the bus drove us to the symbol of Singapore, Merlion Park. We took many photos there with teachers and friends and fastly went to the hotel because we were so tired. Remembered that this still be our first day, we should make the spirit up and take care of our selves.


Our hotel is Ibis Novena at 6 Irrawady Road Singapore 329543. After we arrived, we went to our rooms and rest for a while. The dinner held at 7.10. It were rendang and chicken soup, very very yummy❤️ After we ate, we took a bath and prepared for sleep. It was a tired day, tomorrow we are going to go to Pei Hwa. Hope tomorrow will be better!! Ok, goodbye friends! zzzz