Seize the day!

In the morning, we woke up at 5.30 am. Then, we took a bath and had breakfast. We consumed our vitamins so we won’t get sick. At 08.30 am, we arrived at PHPPS. After that, we practiced at hall for farewell tomorrow. 


Then, we went back to hosanna room to study math with Miss Lee. We studied about ratio, Miss Lee gave us activity about pocket money. We had to make a list about our ages, and our pocket money per week, then we had to described it into sentences. Miss Lee said that, the activity was not about looking for who’s the richer or something like that. She wanted us to know that no matter how much was our pocket money, we needed to be thankful for what we had. It was very exciting!!!!!!



At 10 am, we had recess. In recess time, we met our buddies, we’re so happy. After we went back to hosanna room, Mr. Wang came to tell story about the original building of Pei Hwa School and delivered us to walk around the neighbourhood, which were Bukit Timah residence. We saw clinic, mini market, barber shop, library and sports court, so the residents could meet up and did  many things together. We learned that, even we had our own apartmen, we should be a good neighbour, who always did good things to other. Besides, Mr. Wang said that, if something happen to us, the only one who could help us was our neighbour and not people who had been far away from us.


We went back to school and got our lunch. After lunch, we went to Singapore City Gallery.There, we saw many creative arts of Singapore people, example: house miniature, adventure video game ,etc. We witnessed the development of this country through the slide shows and photographs. Yes, Singapore had been hard and disciplined, but here was the prize: Singapore became an independent, progressive, and famous country.


Then, we transfered to Bugis Junction. It was kind of shopping centre and yes, we bought many souvenirs there. There so many people, so we were hard to walk. Then, we had dinner at Bugis Junction. It was very noisy, but the food was very delicious. It was fish and sausage.

Have i told you that tomorrow will be the last day with our PHPPS’s buddies? That would be sad. But, we also had been prepared the farewel performance, so we can’t be bad. We went home earlier today, so we could sleep and well-prepared for tomorrow. We are going to give our best. And just now, about 8 pm, we’re ready to sleep. See ya!