Last Day At School

Today, we woke up at 5 o’clock. After that, we took a bath and brushed our teeth. Then, we wore clothes. We packed some of our luggages and tidied up the room. We were tired because this day we woke up very early.

After we finished, we got ready to have breakfast. We had breakfast at 6 o’clock. We ate scrambled egg, cereal, noodles, and fruits. After that, we went to the bus and went to Pei Hwa school. When we arrived, we went to the hall. We joined the morning assemble. In morning assemble, we sang song, saw the student leaders’ inaguration, and prayed. We saw the leaders of each class stated their pledge. If their performance are good, they will continue their duty untill the Primary 6. It was quite touching.    


After that, we went back to Hossana room. There, we learned about beats. We played games and drew animals to perform the rhythm. That was a lot of fun in music class. After that, we had recess and ate sandwich. Then, we went back to Hossana room. There, we had to write about our self reflection during the exchange program. Once we finished, we had a lunch. We ate many food and back again to Hossana room. But, the buddies come and surprised us with farewell gifts and words. We were going to miss them. What a remarkable experience to got to know them. We took photos together and said good bye to each other. And also, we hugged each other.  

We went back to our room to had a practice for the farewell performance. After we practiced, we went up to the hall to begin the show time. We were happy but also scared because we were afraid if we were falling down or getting wrong in the performance. But then, we finished nicely. We sat down and enjoyed the performance of Pei Hwa. It was wushu and karate. They were really cool and fascinating!! Down to the first floor, we said good bye and also thanks to Mrs. Foo and all the teachers. By leaps and bounds, we were about leaving Pei Hwa. We had so much experiences and lessons, here. Thanks to the teacher and all of our buddies.

Then, went to the bus to go to Garden By The Bay at 13.45. It was an amazing place where we could saw many plants and flowers. There, we took some photos in the cloud forest. We walked around and saw many plants. After that, we went to the flower dome. The flower dome was an indoor building because the flower had to live in cold temperature. At the flower dome, we took some photos of many beautiful and colourful flowers. Then, we went to the tulipmania and also took many photos.  



We needed to go back to hotel, so we went into our bus. On the way home, we pass the Singapore Stadium. We could not get in because there was a tennis tournament. We were kind of happy because Indonesian Tennis Player who joined this tournament, stayed in the same hotel as we did. We met them onece, and one of them asked us where we were come from. After that we back to hotel to take a shower and took a rest. We had dinner at foodcourt near the hotel at 06.30. We went back to the hotel and packed our things. DONE! And, hoaemmm, we feel so tired, we are about to sleep.  Thanks God for today. See you tomorrow!